The Abrinq – Brazilian Toy Manufacturers Association, is a non-profit organization and professional association of the industry and of the toys sector, founded in July 2nd 1985. We were designed with the objective of care for and defend the legitimate interests of the class in all forums, national and international, within the best ethical principles.
The management is executive, the president reports the activities to the board, all of them entrepreneurs of the sector.
With a broad membership, which represents the most part of manufacturers in Brazil, more than 95% national production is associated. The members approve the code of ethics and conduct of the toy industry.
Abrinq annually promotes ABRIN, Toy Fair that is considered the largest toy event in Latin America. In 2018 the fair will complete 35 years marked by constant effort to promote business between entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, wholesalers and other members of the supply chain sector.

Francal Feiras

Francal Feiras is one of the Latin America’s largest and most traditional trade fairs organizers, recognized by the high quality and seriousness of its events. For nearly five decades, the fairs and events of its portfolio contribute to the strengthening of important sectors of the Brazilian economy and expand business opportunities and relationships between different players. The business environment is enriched by abundant content that promotes knowledge dissemination, further debates and professional training.